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UDL Events and Initiatives in BC

Page history last edited by Mallory Burton 8 years, 11 months ago

Please keep us informed about events and intiatives that are happening around the province.  This includes conferences, presentations, cafes, district initiatives, news stories, journal articles and announcements.  Please add new items to the top of the list.


UDL:  Canadian Perspectives McGill 2015
Several districts piloting the new SET-BC model this year have requested training in UDL.  Former BC UDL project leader Mallory Burton presented on UDL in Quesnel, William's Lake, and Prince Rupert this year.  Mallory also presented a session on UDL at the SEA Crosscurrents 2015 conference and will present on the BC UDL project in May 2015 at McGill's UDL: Canadian Perspectives Conference.

New Introductory UDL Video

This outstanding 5 minute video was created by Sooke School District's Kirsten Wiens.

New SET-BC Model

In September 2014, the SET-BC model will be changing in accordance with the new UDL/RTI direction.  This story on the SET-BC website describes the new model and lists dates for information sessions.

New UDL Resource at SET-BC

In September of 2013 SET-BC launched its new UDL resource on the SET-BC website.  This resource contains information about UDL origins, theory, and practice and contains many videos of educators and students.

UDL/RTI Vision presented to SET-BC District Partners

At the SET-BC District Partners meeting in April 2013, keynote speaker Dave Edyburn spoke about UDL.  Bill Standeven from the Ministry spoke on new directions for Special Education which include a UDL/RTI Focus.  SET-BC's mandate is likely to change in the 2014/15 school year as a result of this new direction.  See the story on the SET-BC website for more information.


Recent Developments in BC Special Education/Inclusion Jan 2013

 Charlie Naylor of the BC Teacher's Federation has just published a paper regarding a presentation by Bill Standeven and Rod Allen from the Ministry on new directions for Special Education.  Of special interest is Charlie's strong endorsement of UDL, which is one of the Ministry's proposed new directions. (see page 4)  View the Ministry's PPT presented in 2012.


Birchland School Data on UDL Effectiveness 2012

Since they joined the project 5 years ago, Birchland Elementary has been keeping data on the effectiveness of implementation.  They have now released some very impressive results for both reading and writing.  Well done, Birchland!  Here's the link.


UDL Team Publishes Book on SMARTBoards May 2011

The team at David Livingstone School has published a book called Learning and Living in a SMARTBoard World.  When this team joined the UDL project they had already had experienced success with SMARTBoards.  The team reports that UDL gave them a framework which helped them understand their success with SMARTBoards and provide a focus for future improvement.  There are many references to UDL in their book. Congratulations, David Livingstone!

Grade 9 Project Based Learning in Prince Rupert 2011/2012

Grade 9 students will participate in an entire semester of project based learning around the theme of urban development.  The project is irp rather than text based and will involve hands-on learning, integration of subject areas, differentiated instruction and assessment for learning.  Prince Rupert participated in the first year of the BC UDL project and lately has been working with Carol Ann Tomlinson and Karen Hume.

David Brook Receives Outstanding Principal Award

The principal of David Livingston School recently received an outstanding principal award.  David's secret to success is supporting his phenomenally collaborative group of teachers.  David Livingston has had SMARTBoards in every classroom for 8 years and usually conducts its own mini conference on the October NID.  The David Livingstone team participated in the second year of the BCUDL Project.



Cowichan SD UDL Workshop October  20-22, 2010

This is a great opportunity to learn about UDL from a practicing grade 5 teacher.  Jon Mundorf gave a keynote via webcast at Touch 'n Go but will be at Cowichan SD in person for this workshop.  Registration limited to 100.  Information online and in the two downloadable documents:

PDDay-info.pdf Oct20-22reg.pdf


CUEBC Conference October 22, 2010

The Computer Using Educators of BC (CUEBC) is hosting a conference entitled Connecting Diversity through Technology in Richmond, B.C. on October 22, 2010.  They are currently calling for session proposals due August 15th.


September 2010 Downloadable UDL Booklet

Last spring, a small group of UDL project members put together a resource called Universal Design for Learning in BC:  Legacy of the BC UDL Project.  This booklet introduces UDL, discusses the impact of 6 "big ideas" of UDL on schools that were involved in the project, and points readers to more resources on UDL.  The booklet is being printed and sent to teams that were involved in the project but you can also download a copy from the SET-BC Learning Centre's UDL page.


A year-long Suggested Timeline for UDL Study and Implementation has been created for individuals and teams who would like to begin an independent study of UDL.  The timeline generally follows the sequence of training that the teams in the BC UDL project received and includes links to many online resources and tools at CAST and on this wiki.

May 2010


A UDL resource to be distributed province-wide is in production.  6 Former UDL team members met in April 2010 to plan the guide.  An electronic version will be posted here when it is ready. 

Posted May 2010


Cowichan Valley's Touch 'n Go Conference (August 18-21) will feature a UDL strand and pre-workshop SMARTBoard training.  Here's a link to the website and to the poster with registration details.

 Posted May 2010

The BC Council of Administrators of Special Education (BC CASE) has developed an online learning module for Differentiating Instruction and Universal Design for Learning. Training times will be posted, and a facilitator will walk you through the module which takes about 3 weeks to complete. 


March 2010


A team leader in year 1 of the project, was recently honoured for her work with students with special needs by the National Inclusive Education Association.  Dr. Beth Sparks is a learning assistance teacher in Delta.  Congrats Beth!

Jan 2010

BC's Ministry of Education has just released two new documents that endorse UDL as an approach to differentiating instruction.  Please have a look at the new IEP Guide and the new Adaptations and Modifications Guide

Jan 2010 


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