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Please put a link to your project here so we call see what you're working on.  Click the Edit Mode Tab.  To create a link, type some text, select the text and choose the link tool from the Edit Menu (looks like a little globe with a chain).   Choose URL as the type of link, and paste in the URL of your site.

Navigating and Sharing on the Wiki




UDL Resource (Paul Hamilton 2012)

Paul has begun using Weebly to provide information on a variety of web-based tools and apps categorized by the UDL principles of Multiple Means of Representation, Expression, Engagement.  Also includes some excellent intro to UDL materials.




BC Curriculum Wiki (Mallory Burton, 2010)

Mallory created this wiki in response to specific teacher requests for kid-friendly online resources in various BC curriculum areas. Ongoing.


Tech Toolbelts Wiki (Mallory Burton, 2010)

Mallory created this wiki to assist a group of grade 8 teachers who want to equip students with useful digital tools. 


Egypt wiki (Kathy Rice and Marie Therrien SD 57, 2009)

Kathy and Marie created a talking wiki to guide student research on Egypt with udl principles in mind.  Some of the topics are complete and were used in a student unit and other topics are under construction.


Fairview Community School Poetry Wiki (Karina Younk SD 68, 2009)

The Fairview team has created a great poetry wiki for a school-wide unit that categorizes resources according to Gardner's seven different intelligences and four different ability levels.  Their math resources, mostly from BrainPop and CrickWeb at the moment, are organized by learning outcome and ability level.  They are also working on a UDL-designed Science Unit.


Iditarod Collaborative Wiki (Kathy Rice and Clayton Wintemute SD 57, 2009)

Kathy andClayton cooperated with other teachers in North America to track the progress of the Iditarod race.  Teams of students conducted research and contributed writing to this wiki over several months.


Spectrumudl(Devon-SD#61, 2009)

Team Spectrum in the Victoria School District is working towards creating a unit from the Social Studies 11 Curriculum. The team is also learning how to incorporate the SmartBoard into their lessons.  


To Kill a Mockingbird Wiki (Maureen LaFleche SET-BC)

This udl-designed novel study was presented at Jan 8, 2009 online meeting.


Holes The Novel Wiki  (Maureen LaFleche and Mallory Burton SET-BC, 2009)

This is a novel study of Holes designed with udl principles in mind. Some of the resources are specific to Holes but many can be used for other novels.


Coquitlam SMARTBoard Forum (Anita Strang and Birchland Elementary Team SD 43)

This team conducts regular SMARTBoard Cafes and UDL Tours.  They have assembled a list of links to sites that work well for the SMARTBoard in various curriculum areas.


BC Grade 8 9 Math Wiki

Grade 8 and 9 math teachers are collaborating to collect and create curriculum resources on this math wiki.


SMARTBoard Wiki for K/1  (Elaine Nessman SD 79)

Elaine created this wiki to house SMARTBoard resources and activities she developed for Primary students.






Kathy Rice's Class Blog (SD #57)

Year 2 team leader Kathy Rice uses a variety of Web 2.0 tools with students, and you can see their work archived on this site.


Thinking UDL (Anita Strang, SD #43)

Anita has documented her journey with UDL on this blog.  Her thoughtful posts are an excellent mix of educational philosophy and practical application.


Anita's Tips and Tricks (Anita Strang, SD #43)

Anita is posting mini tutorials and commentary on favourite websites here. 


UDL4All Blog (Paul Hamilton, SET-BC)

Paul Hamilton's blog showcases free technology tools that can be used to support students in UDL environment.


Mr. Mundorf's Classroom Blog (Jon Mundorf, Florida)

BC educators connected with the fabulous Mr. Mundorf at the Harvard UDL Institutes in 2007 and 2008 and again at Cowichan's Touch 'n Go conference where he presented a keynote address.  Jon's blog provides a view inside a universally designed classroom and makes you want to be in grade 5 all over again.


Social Bookmarking Sites


BC UDL Diigo Bookmarks

Team members contributed the best of the best bookmarks to this group site on Diigo.


Mallory Burton's Diigo Bookmarks

Mallory was the UDL Project leader 08/09 and 09/10 and kept a large list of annotated bookmarks including many tagged "udl".


Jaimie Ashton's Delicious Bookmarks

Jaimie Ashton, SMARTBoard whisperer, shared her links with the teams.


Anita Strang's Delicious Bookmarks

Anita was a team leader in 07/08


Sandra Jost's Delicious Bookmarks

Sandra was a team leader in 07/08


Connie Hendren's Delicious Bookmarks

Was Connie a year 1 team member?





BC Science Interactions Ning

This is a very active social network for BC Science Teachers. 





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