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Online Presentations

Page history last edited by Mallory Burton 11 years ago

Notes from the online meetings, presentations, wikis, and webcasts will be posted here. 


Year 2 (2008-2009) Presentations:


David Rose webcast Reaching Every Student in the Digital Age (October 08 LATA Conference)


Paul Hamilton wiki Multimedia and Digital Story-telling


Maureen LaFleche UDL-designed Resources wiki for To Kill a Mockingbird


Anita Strang and Mallory Burton video interview Impact of UDL at Birchland Elementary




Year 3 (2009-2010) Presentations:



Sep-Nov 2009  BC UDL Fall Training

In the fall of 2009, the project leader visited each of the 7 school-based UDL teams to provide two days of Onsite UDL Training.  A description of the two days and links to all of the training resources are provided here. 


Photo of David Livingstone School


Oct 29, 2009 Firefox

New 2013:  Paul now endorses Google Chrome and blogs extensively about its many useful features in his Free Resources from the Net.

Paul Hamilton presented Why Firefox is a Better Browser for UDL, featuring ClickSpeak, Answers.com, and Awesome Highlighter.  He also showed how easy it is to install both the TidyRead and Readability applications which can be used to reduce clutter on web pages.  Paul mentioned Ira Socol's Toolbelt Theory and the importance of helping students to choose and assemble a collection of tools that work for them.  In the onsite training we have been looking at a Technology Toolbelt for Teachers involved in the UDL project.


December 3, 2009

Team leaders met online to preview the

Jan-Feb 2010 Proposed Agenda for Online Meetings

These are now all listed below in greater detail.


Flickr CC photo from Tim in Sidney.


December 10, 2009

Navigating and Sharing on the Wiki.


 Jan 7, 2010

BCUDL LOR:  The BC UDL LOR houses shared UDL lessons created by team members.  This session covered lessons, downloading, passwords, lesson template, uploading lessons 


Jan 14, 2010

Designing Lessons Using SMARTBoard's Notebook Software; Lesson Activity Toolkit, Title and Lesson Pages, Graphics, Tools, Activities and Games.


Jan 21, 2010

UDL principle Providing Multiple Examples



Jan 28, 2010

Creative Commons and Public Domain, and  Working with Clip Art and Images


Feb 4, 2010

Working with Music and Sounds, Working with Video



Feb 11, 2010

UDL principle Highlighting Critical Features



Feb 18, 2010

UDL principle Using Multiple Media


Feb 25, 2010

UDL principle Supporting Background Knowledge


Lyell Island Longhouse Flickr CC photo by sataylor


March 4, 2010

A UDL Lesson Makeover; discussion of lessons in progress


March 8-12 Spring Break


Spring Blossoms Flickr CC photo by Noel Zia Lee


March 18

 Removing Curriculum Barriers:  Scaffolding Access to Printed Text.

New (August 2010):  I have rewritten this page, organizing most of the same information by considering The Expanded UDL Guidelines and Reading Printed Text.



March 25, 2010


  April 1, 2010  Paul Hamilton presented on Digital Storytelling.

April 8, 2010 


UDL principle Provide Flexible Models of Skilled Performance


April 15, 2010


Julie Krall will present on Vocabulary Strategies


April 22, 2010 

UDL principle Provide Opportunities to Practice with Supports


Abacus Flickr CC photo by ansik


April 29, 2010 

UDL principle Provide Ongoing Relevant Feedback


May 6, 2010 

Removing Curriculum Barriers: Scaffolding Student Writing 

  May 13 

UDL principle Offer Flexible Opportunities for Demonstrating Skill

UDL principle Offer Choices of Content and Tools


May 20  

Maureen LaFleche will present on designing UDL units for novel study:  Holes and To Kill a Mockingbird.  Rae Thompson will present on the THIEVES strategy for previewing text.


 May 27

UDL principle Offer Adjustable Levels of Challenge


June 3 

UDL principle Offer a Choice of Rewards

Discussion:  how UDL supports motivation.



June 10

UDL principle Offer a Choice of Learning Context


June 14

F2F meeting in Vancouver 






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