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Spectrum UDL Focus: SS11 Human Geography Unit 



Lesson Topic: "Bidding for Canada's Funding of Developing Countries" 


Students will investigate Canada in the 20th Century. 

Links to investigate: 




The following sub-topics will need to be researched, analyzed, and interpreted by Students: 

  • Canada's role in the World
  • Canada's role with Developing Countries
  • Canada's role with the United Nations


Students must do the following:  

  • Gather information from the links listed below 
  • Take a look at the link which lists all developing countries
  • Pick one developing country for which they will research, analyze, and determine why this country should receive maximum funding from Canada's Foreign Aide
  • Students will need to research Canada's Foreign Aide Policy and follow the links below to build a case for their developing country. 
  • Students will need to present all their research in a Powerpoint and be able to articulate why their developing country deserves maximum funding from Canada 
  • Students must list any resources that their developing country may have to offer Canada in exchange for Foreign Aide. 



The first set of questions students must be able to answer are: What is a "Developing Country?"

What does this mean? What countries are classified as a "developing nation?"


     Links for gathering Information on a Developing Country, what is it? 



The List of Developing Countries in the World- (there are many, so students pick the one you are easily able to find information on): 

List of Developing Countries.doc ---this is an abridged list of developing nations

      complete list of developing nations at this link


Canada's Foreign Aide Policy which sets the Criteria for Developing Countries wanting Foreign Aide:




Here are some helpful video links for students to access and review:

        Canada and its contribution to Developing Countries    

Students must investigate these links if they choose one of these developing countries for their research: 


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Canada and the Standards Council for Developing Countries:  

The Standards Council of Canada has created a Standardization System which determines funding for Developing Countries. 


Students must review these Standards at the link listed below and Answer:


Which Standards apply to promoting your developing country to receive the maximum funding from Canada?




The ISO (International Organization For Standardization) works hard to assist developing countries in improving their Standards.


Students can check out the link below and Answer:

What Role did  the ISO play with your developing country?  



Students can review News Links below to gather most current events taking place in the World and


What is currently taking place in your Developing Country? Compare it to the current events in Canada   



Students can go to the following links below and Answer:


What is Canada's role in the United Nations? What is Canada known for in the United Nations?

Does this information support the need for funding for your developing country?






Students must analyze and review the relationship between Canada and its efforts in the UN with developing countries. How does Canada currently support developing countries?


A look at the Canadian Advisory Committee to the United Nations:





In gathering all this information, students must present in a Powerpoint their bid for Canada's funding for their developing country. 


Some questions to consider when putting together the Powerpoint:


1. Why does your developing country deserve maximum funding from Canadian Foreign Aide?

2. What resources can your developing country contribute to Canada in exchange? Anything?

3. Does your developing country meet the Criteria for funding from the Standards Council of Canada?

4. What events are currently taking place in your developing country?

5. What will the Canadian funding be used for in your developing country?

6, Does your developing country currently receive any support/funding from the UN and Canada?

If so, describe what the support/funding is and explain why your developing country deserves more funding?






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